All eyes are on loungewear in a culture that is beginning to value self-care. What was formerly dominated by grey sweatsuits has given way to sleek, fitted designs composed of lightweight, breathable materials. Sustainable and ethical fashion is a way of sourcing, producing, and designing garments that optimizes the advantages to the fashion industry and society as a whole while reducing the environmental effect. In terms of philosophy, the two notions are similar, yet they each have somewhat distinct issues that are equally important for the future of fashion.

When it comes to purchasing new items, however, several businesses are working to reduce the industry’s carbon impact while also implementing ethical methods – all without sacrificing design.

Athleta: Lightweight, buttery layers from Athleta’s extensive loungewear collection will let you relax and unwind. The company focuses on nuances that go beyond the comfort of your own home, delivering comfortable but refined aesthetics. Their collections include coordinated shirts, bottoms, bras, sweaters, casual dresses, and more, ranging from soft and warm joggers to more fitted, structural shapes. The garment has moisture-wicking qualities, UPF 50+ sun protection, breathability, softness, and all-way stretch, and is made from technical, sustainably derived textiles.

Lululemon: Lululemon isn’t only for gym-goers. In reality, the well-known athletic brand offers a wide assortment of loungewear basics that include the same technical performance materials as its famous training garments, but in more adaptable cuts and designs for everyday wear. Investing in a few adaptable, high-quality Lululemon pieces will last far longer than buying lower-priced clothes that wear out within a year, especially if you’re new to the brand and apprehensive about the pricing.

Girlfriend Collective For Everyone: With its iconic, sustainable high-rise leggings made from 25 recycled water bottles, Girlfriend Collective made a name for itself in the active and loungewear world. With the launch of the For Everyone collection, the Seattle-based brand has recently expanded its size-inclusive apparel offerings. Everyday comfort essentials with gender-neutral cuts are included in this collection, which is available in a palette of monochromatic, timeless neutrals. Each item is produced from recycled materials and may be combined to create a unique loungewear design. Hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, joggers, basic tees, leggings, and outerwear pieces are part of Girlfriend Collective’s all-gender apparel range.

Madewell MWL Hoodies Sweatshirt and Sweatpant: The Madewell MWL Sweatpant and Hoodies Sweatshirts are made from organic cotton and recycled polyesters and are brushed on both sides for added softness. The material is very thick and toasty without being cumbersome or sloppy.

Brooklinen Adelphis Jumpsuit: This is not a more comfortable piece of apparel than the stretched one-piece. When you have to go outside, the Brooklinens Adelphi Jumpsuits are perfect for layering within warm cardigans. The soft jersey cloths may also be worn as a working suit or to the bed on the inside.

J. Crew Waffle Crewneck Pullover: While you may layer this J. Crew Waffle Crewneck Pullover under another shirt, the lively color and somewhat thicker material give adequate warmth and effortless style on their own. It’s a simple and incredibly casual whole indoor ensemble with the matching Waffle Joggers.


Loungewear is informal clothing that lets you feel extremely relaxed while maintaining a professional appearance. So, loungewear isn’t just out-of-bed pajamas that are far too comfortable and informal. It’s also not jeans, which are more formal and uncomfortable than loungewear.


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