Hair color may reveal a lot about a person’s personality and can enhance their features and skin tone, but it can also be responsible for ruining a look if not applied correctly.

Hair color trends vary every year in the fashion, cosmetics, and aesthetics industries, and it’s no different with hair colors. Want to discover what hair color colors will be popular in 2022? We’ll let you know!

What hair color trends will be popular in 2022?

The following are the hair color trends for 2022:

  • Pink lilac
  • Mushroom blonde
  • Platinum hair
  • Blond hair
  • Red hair
  • Hair highlights
  • Copper tones
  • Brown tones

Platinum Hair

Platinum hair has been commonly utilized in people’s hair for some years and will continue to do so in 2022. Platinum is suitable for all hair curves and may be responsible for the look’s trendy and elegant appearance.

However, keep in mind that platinum hair necessitates a great deal of attention and devotion, as the chemistry required to leave your hair in the correct hue can also cause significant damage, so it’s critical to maintain your hair well-cared for, hydrated, and functioning at all times. trips to the beauty salon on a regular basis

Smoky natural roots and platinum hair length are two techniques that will be popular in 2022. You may choose between grayer or even pinker tones. Grayish platinum is an excellent choice for those with black skin since the contrast with the skin is stunning and adds a lot of uniqueness to your appearance.

Hair Color Trend: Platinum

People with an exceptionally light complexion, on the other hand, might go for a lighter, more white platinum from the roots to the tips. This tone will blend in with the skin and provide a sense of refinement.

For those with a dark or tanned complexion, champagne or pearlescent platinum is a better bet. In this scenario, keeping the root’s natural color and coloring it by smearing near to it is a smart idea.

Blond hair

In 2022, blonds will be highly distinct; among the trends will be incredibly varied colors, such as mushroom blonde, a deeper shade with grey overtones that is drawn to a lighter brown. Strawberry blonde will also become more popular in salons. This blonde tint is more reddish in tone, and it will be popular next year. In addition, in 2022, blonde tints that are more inclined to beige and have a more matte color will be on the increase.

Reddish-brown hair

By 2022, the most successful redheads will be as near to natural red as possible, always being drawn closer to copper, leaving the hair brilliant red in the past.

Additionally, individuals who prefer red can go for a more reddish copper, which will give your hair a beautiful hue while maintaining its elegance.

Highlights in hair

In 2022, the lights will be turned on as well. If you have frizzy or curly hair, investing in platinum highlights with smoke roots may give your hair light air and a high current style.

Highlights can also be used to modify the natural hair tone, giving the look more depth and variety. As a result, investing in highlights and highlights with minimal contrast to the hair is also a fad.

Pink lilac

Fans of pastels and colored hair should rejoice: the lavender hair color trend is not going away anytime soon.

Blonde mushroom

Prepare to fall in love with this hair color if you don’t like the entire “Darken Hair” motif for 2022.

Introducing the mushroom blonde: It’s a light brown with black and grey highlights that’s virtually intended for folks who want to darken their hair very little without going for a completely dark look.

The uro’s shades

Change your dark brown hair to a gentle golden tone in 2022, instead of the blue-brown you saw on Instagram last year. Warmer hair, rather than deeper and darker tones, is more harmonious for most complexion tones.

Copper gleam

Red is a nice hair color trend for 2022. Use copper hues instead of conventional vermilion if you want to go red. It appears to be more natural and lovely.

Brown tones

Of course, brown is still a huge hair color trend for 2022, but it’s all about depth this time. Consider a brown with lighter brown streaks (also known as a tan with copper hues).


A change of hairstyle. Right now, there are plenty of intriguing hair color trends to explore. While the most popular color trends in the last two years have been natural, gorgeous twists on super-low-maintenance colors like undone blonde and cinnamon brown, experts predict that 2022 will be all about having fun as life returns to normal…hopefully.

Rather, there is a slew of surprising tales about classic hair color choices that are now popular. Here you can find the most up-to-date hair color ideas.


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