Summer is coming soon

I think people like summer the most. If we did a percentage survey, I think summer would definitely win. The sun, good mood, all this influence us to be happier and to look even more beautiful ourselves. In such moments, we choose the best outfits, because we are full of energy and we care about looking even better. Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who radiates positive energy and high vibrations. Such women are recognized for a kilometer, and when they enter somewhere, there is no one who does not turn to them. I read somewhere that people living in sunny coastal states are much less depressed, great information right? Then it makes perfect sense why we love summer so much. Some ideal temperatures would be between 25 and 32 degrees in summer, but some countries, like mine, face temperatures of as high as 40 degrees in summer. So I will suggest combinations that will suit your skin. Comfortable, casual, and at the same time very chic.

So let’s go.

  1. As a first combination, I would definitely wear jeans and a white T-shirt. Believe me, you can never go wrong with such a choice. During the day, light abeli sneakers along with it. And in the evening high heels, and the outfit takes on a completely different look. You couldn’t even imagine how powerful it looks even with cowboy boots. Of course, we choose each according to the occasion. In addition, you can add a backpack for walking during the day, or a more casual bag in the evening.
  • The second outfit is a casual long dress that flutters in the wind. Oh, when I imagine that, a scene from a movie is right in my head when beautiful Italian women are walking in the breeze. Of course, the choice of clothes brings a completely different note. Someone wears long dresses on flat sandals and gladiators, and I still choose platform sandals. Red lipstick is allowed during the day and during the day!
  • For the third outfit that you will be happy to wear, I recommend sorts with a high waist and a casual T-shirt fitted into it. Some navy print for example. It’s always a hit in the summer. Of course, natural materials that suit the skin and allow it to breathe. Uh, with some espadrilles, or sneakers, you’ll look great.
  • What I often choose in the summer are tight mini dresses. Maybe not everyone likes it, but if you want to be modern and challenging for a hot summer evening, a dinner by the river or a party, a concert is the right opportunity to get ready and shine. In summer I always prefer and recommend strong colors, such as yellow, red, blue, green…
  • Another recommendation that I would love to wear is something in the boho style. Boho always associates me with summer. Lots of jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, with a relaxed dress of some midi length or knee-length. Definitely a relaxed and well-arranged combination that you can take several times and to several events. Just change the jewelry and voila! You get a new look.
  • Of course, with all these recommendations, we will not forget the ladies who like to wear pants in the summer. Cigarette pants, narrow cut, with a T-shirt on the straps. I would also add a scarf around my neck, for an elegant impression. Somehow here I mostly imagine ballerinas in a neutral, earthy shade.

Which proposal do you like the most? And what do you most often wear in the summer? Whatever we choose, summer is the time for us all to be chic and modern. Summer, we can’t wait for you!


Hi, my name is Cora and I am a freelancer based in Los Angeles. I started writing a blogger from a young age. Most of the content and ideas are mine and I love sharing with people my thoughts and attitude. Also, I will give you some product reviews sometime. Welcome to contact me if you love my posts. Thanks

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