Shapewear is a popular foundation garment that creates a smooth and sleek silhouette underneath the clothes you are wearing.  Many women consider it a wardrobe essential for the time when they want to look their best and feel confident in wearing form-fitting garments. Although for a pregnant mom, there are not many body-hugging fashions available you would still want to dress up in your favorite tight clothes to show off your baby bump.  Thanks, pregnancy shapewear, can help expectant moms to breeze through their pregnancy journey.

But is it safe for a pregnant mother to wear shapewear? The answer is a Yes of course. As long as you are wearing maternity shapewear safely and comfortably, and by that, it means you can move, breathe and sleep without any restrictions or pain, then there should not be any problems with wearing shapewear. Maternity shapewear is different from regular shapewear. It is made with fabrics that make it more comfortable than regular undergarments. It would not constrict the amniotic fluid and other cushioning that is protecting the baby in the womb. Wearing a maternity support shaper like a full body shaper will help to support the belly.

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4 Reasons To Wear Shapewear During Pregnancy

Ahead are several very good reasons to wear pregnancy shapewear.

Improving Posture And Back Support 

Wearing shapewear is not about looking good. As a matter of fact, maternity shapewear can help to take the weight of the back as the baby bump grows. It helps to improve posture and is more comfortable than regular underwear.

Reduces Painful Skin Chafing

Our skin can be a breeding ground for bacteria and with heat, sweat and moisture, it can easily allow bacteria to grow. The rubbing of skin together like on the thighs can create painful chafing. Besides this, groin chafing is also common and can cause excessive irritation. Both areas can become hot and itchy, with stinging and burning sensations. Wearing shapewear will help to prevent them.

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No Slipping

As your baby bump grows, your underwear may become uncomfortable and slips down often. Maternity shapewear will perfectly stay in place for easy wear all day long.

Postpartum Solution

Maternity shapewear can offer support for mothers who have gone through c-sections. The abdominal muscle strain from coughing, sneezing, and getting up from a lying down position can be extremely painful.  Post op shapewear with a high waist can support the sore areas to ensure everything stays in place and you can carry on your daily activities in comfort.

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How To Choose Maternity Shapewear

During the beginning stages of the pregnancy, you may feel okay in your regular panties, but as pregnancy progresses, it would become difficult and uncomfortable. Therefore, choosing the right maternity undergarment like seamless body shaper is important to help you keep yourself comfortable. Pick seamless shapewear with no hooks or zippers as this will ensure that you are comfortable and do not have anything that may irritate you. Pregnancy shapewear such as panties comes in two variants, low waist, and high waist. The low waist will remain under your tummy while the high waist covers the baby bump. Choose one that is based on your shape and comfort level.  It is better to go for a larger size of maternity shapewear to ensure optimum comfort. Opt for the breathable fabric to prevent irritation and ensure comfort.

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Wholesale Seamless Plus Size Full Body Shaper


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