A good accessory has the power to change the look. Therefore, a smart closet is composed taking into account a selection of items such as hats, bags, shoes, watches, bijoux, jewelry, and scarves. Still, handbags always appear first in women’s minds, after all, in addition to being stylish, they are also super utilitarian. In the most varied sizes, formats, and textures, the bags also translate the macro trends that we observe in the main fashion shows. Thus, optimism, comfort, and sustainability will not be limited to clothes or shoes. These concepts, so fundamental for the modern world, are also printed on the main exchanges of the moment.

Matching the enchanting vibe of summer, sunset tones promise to dominate the looks of the season. Almost like a tie-dye full of oranges, yellows, and blues, the trend will appear in organic prints and in pieces that enhance the look by giving charm, elegance, and life.

Choosing the perfect bag for every occasion

One of the most common criteria when choosing a bag model is the place the person intends to use it. It is evident that all women should have several models in their wardrobe to adapt to each occasion, but it is important to understand which occasion each one of them fits best.


This style is usually quite popular in the summer. As it is made of a very resistant material, it tends to be the favorite choice for women to take to the beach or pool. Its differential is that because its material is very firm, if there is contact with sand or water, it will not be damaged.


Bright styles or smaller sizes are favorites when it comes to clubbing or pub crawls. These compact models are ideal for situations where the user wants to carry only a few items. As these models are often used at night, it is common for dark tones or glitter to be the favorite for these occasions.


A style that has become very popular is the fun models: Whether in the shape of animals, food, or even drinks, they promote a totally unique and relaxed look, bringing originality and personality to the final look.


The mini size is also very glamorous. Lately, minimalist fashion has taken over both the catwalks and the looks that appear on blogs and social networks. They usually attract a lot of attention because they have a totally different size and end up offering a delicate and highly exclusive touch to the look.


Favorites when it comes to more formal events, these accessories are often used held in the hand and are synonymous with elegance and refinement. They are usually used with party dresses or party clothes in general and the satin and rhinestone models are the most sought-after.

For lovers of luxury handbags, Louis Vuitton handbags can be a good option.

Why combine handbags with the look?

When you don’t combine the women’s bag with the look, it can make the production very heavy. On the other hand, when you make strategic choices, your look becomes more harmonic and light.

But, it is worth making it clear that the bag does not have to match the shoe in terms of color, pattern, and texture. This story is in the past! In a season with great trends and where we can use practically everything, handbags could not be left out. Being on top of fashion trends and knowing which model is best suited for each situation is essential when choosing the perfect model.

Bags are a very important and highly functional accessory, as well as adding style to the look, they help us carry our personal items. That’s why it’s so important to choose the ideal size and type for each occasion.


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