A vintage wedding dress is one of the styles of bridal gown that will never go out of style. This style has proven that as time goes on, vintage themes still get a lot of attention from prospective brides. Even though fashion trends change all the time, the popularity of vintage styles in wedding dress designs knows no bounds. Usually, those who want to wear a vintage-inspired wedding dress are those who want to have an elegant and classic wedding.

The designers present a vintage feel in their latest collection of wedding dresses in various tricks and clever ways, so even though they carry an ‘old’ style, the wedding dresses still look flattering and trendy. Even without a designer or stylist, you can easily get lots of inspiration for vintage wedding dresses on the internet. But, of course, choosing a special wedding dress is never easy.

For additional references regarding vintage designs, you can take a moment to check out the 5 inspirational vintage-style wedding dresses below. One of these dresses will literally be perfect for you!

Long-Sleeve Vintage Wedding Dresses

We all want a unique and flattering wedding dress as our wedding memento, and choosing a vintage style is one thing you can rely on. Apart from being a timeless style, taking vintage dress references is not too quirky so it can be suitable for almost any wedding theme. One of the most popular and widely chosen is the long-sleeved vintage wedding dress.

Since 1930, long-sleeved wedding dresses have been chosen and worn by brides. Apart from making the bride look elegant and stunning, the long-sleeve design also complements all body shapes. This dress is perfect for those of you who don’t want a cut that shows too much skin but wants to look dazzling. Try A-line dresses and square necklines to accentuate your neckbone and give the illusion of a wider chest and shoulders. This design is suitable for those of you who are petite, short-necked, or have a triangular body shape. For the sleeves themselves, there have been many design modifications to make them look more modern and stylish. For example, transparent sleeves, and lacy or embroidered flowers.

Boho Wedding Dresses

Are you planning to have a casual outdoor wedding? Maybe, you will suit a boho-style wedding dress. A lace wedding dress in a low V-neck and a flowy A-line skirt will make your look effortless and comfy but still fabulous. A low V neckline will help you achieve a longer figure, while an A-line skirt will make it easier for you to step around.

Boho style is more often chosen for weddings in gardens or beaches, but it can actually be used for indoor weddings. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you can stick to thick lace, while for an indoor wedding, try a lighter lace dress covered in tulle. Lace really represents the boho style and makes the vintage impression more pronounced. More importantly, it is sweet and romantic!

Strapless Vintage Wedding Dresses

Strapless dresses are one of the favorite designs of brides. For those of you who want a simple wedding dress, you can combine a strapless design with an A-line skirt and tulle veil. If you want to look more trendy, try sweetheart details on the neck or ruched seams to add texture to your dress. Wear jewelry such as necklaces or earrings to elevate your appearance with a more glamorous touch.

Strapless wedding dresses allow you to show off your fabulous shoulders in a way that is both elegant and classy. However, this flattering dress has its challenges. Make sure you wear the right bra underneath. Choose the size that fits best, is comfortable, and can provide excellent support so that your appearance looks perfect all day long.

Adorable Short Vintage Wedding Dresses

Will your wedding be casual? What if you wear a short wedding dress in a timeless vintage style? You might be hesitant about a short skirt on your wedding day, but it will actually help you move and walk more easily and comfortably as you approach guests, and it can be an adorable dance dress!

Give a vintage impression to your short wedding dress with lace or flower decorations. It doesn’t have to be white all the time, you can also try other colors that look just as pretty, like off-white or ivory. Wear hair accessories such as flower crowns or hair fascinators to complement your gorgeous look. Short vintage wedding dresses are perfect for those of you with petite stature or brides who want to look adorable yet elegant.

Satin Bridal Ballgowns

Satin is one of the best fabrics to make your vintage wedding dress. The fabric itself looks luxurious even though you don’t add any embellishments to your dress. Its glossy surface will make your dress so flattering like a princess’s wedding dress. Satin fabric is incredibly soft, falls elegantly, and doesn’t wrinkle easily, so it’s actually the perfect choice.

Steal a ball gown design with a simple boat neck and long sleeves, you will definitely look elegant and classy. For the sleeves themselves, you can choose those that are designed with long cuffs and tight buttons. A satin wedding dress will make your wedding more memorable for anyone who attends it.

What do you think, brides? These classic and timeless wedding dresses all look so elegant and flattering. Have you decided which type of dress will inspire your happy day?


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