Leggings have become an essential piece in all wardrobes, they are very basic but combining them with the indicated pieces of clothing they can look good to go anywhere you want and although it is an activewear garment that has not stopped people from making it look super chic and fashionable, that is why we are going to show you all the available styles with inspiration so you know how to style it this winter.

Starting with the basic black leggings with a sweater, a jacket, and sneakers, a basic look to go for a walk, to go shopping, to eat in a cafe with some friends, or casual moments where you don’t need such a sophisticated look, this look is one of my favorites to go out and explore the city without dying of cold at all times, the leggings are thermal that will keep you warm during the day.

And here begins the saga of leather leggings to create outfits that are much more put together, with a wrap-it jacket, a black sweater, high-heeled boots, and sunglasses because in winter sunglasses are a must to keep the breeze cold don’t make your eyes water, you can wear this look to go to work, for work or fun events, for cocktails with some friends, this look is very cute, don’t lose sight of it.

If you left the gym but don’t want to look completely sporty, add a trench coat to protect yourself from the cold and look chic at the same time. Just because you have a gym look on doesn’t mean you can’t add a more stylish touch to it for when you leave training, even If you don’t go to the gym but want to be comfortable while you walk around the city, this look is the one for that task.

You can recreate this look with darker colors that look more elegant but with sports, this color is ideal for dark cold days where you want your outfit to go with the mood of the day, with a color palette in greenish-brown and leather tones. black that complements a lot in a place surrounded by white snow.


Dark colors are the favorites of this season, a black trench coat is the best addition to your wardrobe this winter and you can combine it with any outfit you have. It is a very versatile garment even if you are wearing a dress and heels so don’t miss this one. sought-after trench coat.

With leather jackets you can create countless outfits with a rougher, more masculine touch but without losing your feminine style with a leather purse, sunglasses and obviously leggings, this look is one of the favorites on the Pinterest boards.


But if you want to give more use to your blazers this winter, this is the best way to do it with a monochrome look with sneakers or boots, you can add a scarf, a tote bag for all the purchases you want, blazers are the best accompaniment in any season but more so in this one.

And puffer jackets take the crown because creating a completely sporty look in the same colors highlights our figure too much and makes us look super good, there is no doubt about it, celebrities love this look that is even created by their stylists to perfection, no. Stop wearing leggings in winter, it’s your time to highlight your wardrobe with this very popular item.


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