Are Corsets Worth The Luxury Price Tag?

It is no secret that a good steel boned corset skirts sets  will set you back a few pennies, but the question is, are they worth it? I’m going to have to say yes of course, as it’s what my world is all about. But take that aside and i would still be saying yes. Naturally, when i first entered the world of corsets i started with the cheaper plastic boned corsets to see what i thought and i very quickly moved on to steel boned corsets. What a difference in quality and the strength of the corsets was amazing and the ability to actually pull you in by 4-5 inches was not a lie!

The sheer cost of buying a good steel boned corset is enough to put some people off buying one, but i can assure you that buying one of these corsets is an investment. Your steel boned corset won’t be worn just once for a particular event, you’ll wear it over and over again, they look and feel amazing on. A corset is just that, an investment, an investment for yourself to feel and look amazing, because every woman should feel that.

A steel corset can take anything from 30-40 hours to make and obviously not in one go. Your eyes need a break from making these awesome creations, especially the ones that have intricate hand stitched embroidery, so your fingers need a break too. The making of a corset is an art form, with many years of dedication, research and skill required to carry it out with excellence.

These corsets are made purely for fashion purposes. Although they look like real corsets, they do not offer the function of a real corset, which is waist reduction and the creation of an hourglass silhouette figure. Although fashion corsets can have a wide pricing range, it is not worth an expensive price tag. These corsets will not affect your body in any way as such and will not provide you with any support or enhance your curves.


What Does a ‘Woke Woman’ Wear?

The final round of the ready-to-wear collections began here with a quote, and a call to arms.

Etched into the faux adobe over the entrance to the temporary structure erected in the Musée Rodin gardens for the Dior show was a line from the artist Niki de Saint Phalle that began: “If life is a game of cards, we are born without knowing the rules.” Inside, on every seat in the mirror-mosaicked space was a small pamphlet titled “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” written in 1971 by the art historian Linda Nochlin.

You’ve got to hand it to the designer Maria Grazia Chiuri — she stands her ground. There’s no waffling here. Whatever the voices whispering in her ear are saying, she does not let them sway her from what she believes. When she joined Dior as its first female artistic director just over a year ago, she picked up the banner of feminism and has been waving it enthusiastically ever since: delving into its literature, discovering its heroines and using them as muses in her shows, from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to Georgia O’Keeffe and Amelia Earhart.

It should have made her the perfect designer for these “woke women” times. The problem is the disconnect between the inspiration and its expression.

As consistently as she has stuck to her agenda, she has stuck to her separates: couture denim — this season in patchworks of different faded washes and weaves — and Dior-branded underthings: big pants and little bras, reimagined in wide marinière stripes (or jailhouse ones, depending on your reference point), most often worn under sheer tulle ballet skirts. Also the corset top and the character cashmere knit, this time with the dragons, spiders and snakes that marked the work of Ms. Saint Phalle.

But what feminist, even a millennial one, wants to wear a mirrored mosaic onesie in bright pink or blue under a transparent tulle skirt open to the waist that looks like nothing so much as Madonna in her “Desperately Seeking Susan” years? Or a white cotton version over a polka dot shirt with a swiss dot skirt below and a white jacket over it all, as if to give new meaning to the term play suit? These are not the clothes of revolution, even New Look revolution.

Her research into Ms. Saint Phalle led her to discover that the artist was close to the former Dior designer Marc Bohan, and many of the pieces of ’60s and ’70s-inspired day wear — little black bib frocks paired with over-the-knee socks; Grand Prix-checked pea coats; a cherry red leather trench, soft as butter, over matching pleated culottes; some simple pantsuits in shrunken proportions — were variations on looks he had created for the artist during his tenure. And a lot of them, in Ms. Chiuri’s hands, looked good, or at least better than those playsuits, which sort of undermined the whole exercise.

Exploring Various Fashion Designer Jobs

It is hard to outline this profession because there are so many options. Most designers choose an area of specialty and stick to it. Some people are more skilled at creating, sewing and putting together men’s clothing. This can consist of anything such as ties, suits, hats, pants and belts. However, you do not necessarily have to stick to one gender. If you love making clothes for both men and women, then go for it!

You can also make a name for yourself designing accessories. This can be any item that is worn with clothing, such as shoes, purses, hats or jewelry. The boundaries of fashion are being pushed everyday. In this day and age, people become famous for creating chic clothing for pets.

In order to stay relevant in the business, you have to know what the new trends are each season. Keeping up-to-date contacts with sales departments, manufacturing departments and agencies will allow you to enjoy a long career in this field. Developing a recognizable vision and style as a clothing designer is also important.

When starting your career, it can be very difficult and expensive to come out with a label right away. In fact, many individuals start their careers by working in famous fashion houses. Once you develop more experience and have the opportunity to work alongside famous designers, you will be ready to create your own brand.

In terms of making money, freelance jobs are generally your best option. Most freelance jobs will come from companies in search of a costume or clothing expert. You may be hired to make the costumes for a play, or design prom dresses for a graduating class at a high school. In the beginning of your career, taking almost any paying job will advance your career.

The Corset Diet

Simply wearing a corset will reduce your waistline by a couple of inches, which will in turn improve your posture, support your lower back and make your clothes look better. And this is before you have even begun to “diet”!

Wearing a corset puts pressure on your stomach as well as your waistline. One of the reasons people lose weight when they have gastric bypass surgery is because their stomach is made smaller, so they feel full much more quickly. A corset will produce a similar effect by putting pressure on the stomach, causing us to feel full much more quickly. Food may also digest more slowly, keeping us from wanting to eat again for a longer period of time.

You will need to have a well-fitted corset that is comfortable for daily wear. Some people may be able to wear a standard size corset, but remember that a custom fitted corset is always more comfortable. If you want to start corseting quickly, we recommend that you order a stock-size corset AND a custom fitted corset. You can get started on a limited basis while you wait for your custom corset to arrive. Otherwise you will want to plan ahead 4-8 weeks for your custom corset to be completed. Contact Corset with your measurements for help on selecting the correct corset, and please let us know what your goals are.

Put your corset on as soon as you wake up in the morning. If you shower in the mornings, then do that immediately upon wakening, and put your corset on directly afterwards. If you eat or drink anything at all your corset will not go on as easily.

Lace the corset snugly, but not tightly, and get ready for your day. Before leaving your home or starting your day, lace the corset a little tighter, so that it is quite snug, but not uncomfortable. If you experience bloating or discomfort during the day be sure to loosen the laces. If anything is at all painful you will want to remove your corset. Do NOT remove your corset directly after eating a good-sized meal, or you will experience discomfort. After eating you will feel full, and if you remove the corset this will lessen the pressure on your stomach and may cause stomach pain or cramping. This is another good reason to not overeat while wearing a corset.

What Corset Styles Are There To Make A Corset In?

What corset styles you want to make your plus size corset in will be down to personal preference but first you need an understanding of what the different corset styles are and how they will look and feel.

The two main styles of corset pattern are the hourglass corset shape and the conical corset shape. Then there’s the ‘waist cincher’ also known as the ‘waspie’ and the even shorter corset belt. The more exotic styles are the pipe stem and the S bend and you also have your historical corset shapes, the most prominent of which is the Elizabethan corset pattern – the Victorian corset is the one our modern-day corsets are based on and so I do not consider it a separate corset shape. There are a number of historical corset fanatics out there who would strongly disagree I’m sure! But for the purposes of writing this introduction to corset styles for the beginner, the subtleties of a historically accurate Victorian corset can be disregarded.

So first lets look at the hourglass and conical corset shapes which come as either an ‘overbust’ or ‘underbust’. If your not familiar with these terms they’re pretty self-explanatory; an ‘overbust’ comes up over the chest and has a bust area that cups the bosom. An ‘underbust’ stops short of the bust area and normally stops just below where the band of your bra starts. You can get an in-between corset that stops half way up the bosom giving lift to the bra and creating a more dramatic cleavage but they are less common. The difference between hourglass and conical corset styles is in the rib area; hourglass corsets allow for the ribs by curving out in a slightly round shape from the waist upwards.

A conical corset, like the name suggests, does not round at the ribs but goes straight up and out from the waist up like an upside-down cone. This squashes the ribs in and produces what wearers of this type of corset consider a more pleasing shape. This gives you the traditional Victorian waist. This second type of corset style, if worn as a tight-lacing corset (which are worn 23 hours a day 7 days a week) will permanently alter the positioning of your ribs.


How in the World Do I Choose the Right Corset?

The fashion world is fickle, trends come and go just like weather but we are in the midst of a revival of the humble corset. Back in the 1800’s the corset was the mainstay of fashion. Its role was to ensure that outer garments worn were well styled and the curves shown in the right place.

In the 21st century the humble corset’s role has changed a little, whilst it is still the most important fashion item for styling body curves and giving support, its role as an undergarment is being challenged as designers develop the corset to be warn on its own and this does provide a few challenges as to which corset is right for you.

If we look at the 1800’s corset, the user put the corset on and then using a number of ribbon ties the corset was tightened to wrap around the body. Tightening of key ribbons on the corset allowed the corset to sculpt the body. The key reason that ribbon ties were used was that the ribbon would lay flat against the outer attire.

Things have certainly changed and this is why it is much more difficult to choose the right corset. There are now two styles of corset, one that is designed for wearing under a garment and another that can be worn either on top of the garment or on its own.

This brings us to the question, how do I choose the right corset? Well ask yourself these questions.

1. Choose whether you are going to wear it on its own or under a gown

Corsets worn as an external garment are usually fancier than ones worn under clothes. There are a number of external corsets on the market that actually do not use ribbons to tighten the corset, instead they use zips with inner straps or in some of the more fancy corsets, we have seen them use a combination of buttons and straps.

2. Choose carefully the style of pattern on the plus size corset

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying corsets to wear under clothes is that they forget that patterns affect the way the clothes on the top of the corset will sit. I have seen some fantastic corsets for wedding dresses however, when the dress is over the corset the dress looks distorted even when firmly tied.


Wedding Lingerie – Right Beneath Your Dress In Importance

Your wedding day is one you won’t forget. Similarly, you want your wedding night to be equally memorable. Wedding lingerie can go a long way toward making both of these things happen. It is just as important to your wedding as your dress, your makeup, or the flowers. Your wedding lingerie marks the beginning of your intimate life with your husband. It is also the foundation for your dress and your overall look.

More now than ever, wedding dresses are designed to be sensual and revealing, albeit in a classy manner that reflects the mood of the day. Wedding lingerie should be selected as a reflection of this look. If your dress fits tight to your body, the proper wedding lingerie can prevent the showing of lines and creases.

A white thong, for instance is an item that is sexy, comfortable, and can hide from your guests so that your dress wears as it was designed. Your bra is another important part of wedding lingerie. You want supportive a supportive bra under your dress, and you don’t want it to show over the top or out the sides of your dress. Strapless bras, again, are a form of wedding lingerie that can be sexy for the night, but reflect your dress in a perfect line during the ceremony and reception. The important thing is balance. Find wedding lingerie that will be functional for the wedding, comfortable for the reception, and still translate into a sexy mood in the honeymoon suite with your new groom. Some brides find that the best wedding lingerie to hit on all three characteristics is the one piece body shaper or corset. It certainly assures no panty lines, is flattering for the torso, comfortable (if fit properly), and most men find them sexy.

In terms of practicality, another very important piece of wedding lingerie is your slip. What style of slip will be needed is dependent on your dress, so obviously you will need to choose that first. When selecting any wedding lingerie be sure to have pictures of your dress with you for reference. For instance, a very full skirt, bouffant style, will need extra lift to keep the weight of the dress form pulling down on the fabrics. In this case, the proper wedding lingerie in terms of the slip is a crinoline slip with many layers. For an A-line type wedding dress, crinoline with only one or two layers is your best bet. No matter what, you need to select your slip based on practicality. This is wedding lingerie that will set the foundation for your wedding dress and your look.


Outfits to Surprise the Man in Your Life

If you really want to knock his socks, pants, etc. off, you want to use what you already have. Case in point, if you’re the one that usually cleans up around the house, why not take that to a sexy level?

You might want to try out a Bunny girl plus size corset dress that really makes him happy that you bent over to pick up the napkin that he ‘accidentally’ dropped. When he gets home, you could also try acting as though you are a true French maid. Don’t act as if anything is different. You want to play the part—bad French accent and all. Attend to his every whim and serve him everything that he requests. This is a surprise and a delight for him. Or you can be the wench of the house. Get on the floor and pretend to scrub away (well, if it’s dirty, you might as well do it for real). He’ll be so surprised that he’ll just stand and watch you.

If your man has been feeling under the weather, this is a guaranteed way to surprise the sick right out of him. Warning: Don’t try this if he’s really nauseous. That never ends well. Anyways, you can dress up as his little nurse and attend to him. Take his temperature (in all sorts of places) and give him a sponge bath. Talk about doing something that he doesn’t expect. You may find that he needs a little manual therapy to help him feel better.

Of course, if you dress up as a harem girl or a belly dancer, you can shock him at the door. Greeting him as a harem girl would create the sense that you are trying to win his favors above the other women. Or you can be his little pirate that is after his booty. That’s always a great way to surprise a man. Make him walk the plank to the bedroom. Change up the roles and take charge.

There’s nothing a man wants more than to have a woman take control of him—sexually and personally. So now is the perfect time to slide into some leather pants or shorts and a leather bra and get out the paddle. Put on some black eyeliner and some high heeled boots. Think about the dominatrixes that you may have caught online, what do they wear? The great part of this outfit is that you won’t have to say a word, he’ll know exactly what you are trying to tell him. Bright red lipstick is a good accent as well. Wear a corset or put a collar on him for a greater effect.

You might want to try something that is more true to life and act as though you don’t know him. A taxi driver or a waitress is always good. that way, you can pretend to not know him and have him try to pick you up. Some stranger options that work just as well are an angel or a can can girl. Ooh la la. Still other ideas include gypsies and flamenco dancers. Of course, if you showed up to his workplace in a cop outfit, you would definitely surprise him. As well as everyone that he works with. On second thought, I’d leave that one to the home setting. Knock on the door in a cop’s outfit and ask to search the premises. Everything will need to be searched.

Autumn clothes last year updated the “tight corset belt”! How to introduce beginner lectures

Belt is the trend this year. There are several types, but do you know “corset belts”?As its name is tights, in the design, for example, to become a band with a thick feature that is compared with the syllabus. Although seemingly and difficult may be Concorde, happy a surprisingly simple point.So this time, I will talk about three basic entry methods for beginners “belt”!

I think a lot of people are wearing shirts and shirts. However, even if put it together, you can also use the corset belt. And from the top of the coat, it is also nice to let us cover you ♡ dare to come out is the butt of the buttocks and the abdomen to see nowadays the twill belt connection.Open the corset belt to cover the shrinkage section. Because it seems that a Western is also a great ♡ high Hosomie West tight squeeze, into a long foot effect. Even a simple bottom, corset woven into an accent, it is a sharp costume.

It is recommended to add a tight corset strap at a higher position in the garment. If you put it into a long dress, or wearing a line of lines looks blurred silhouette, then a better balance. It completes the beautiful silhouette, far more than wearing on a table.

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie Kicks “Granny Panties” To The Curb

I used to wear a size 5. I shopped at Victoria’s Secret. I wore silky, slinky panties under my jeans, and when I went to bed at night, I slipped into my red satin chemise (with matching panties, of course!).

Then I gained weight and went to a size 18. Suddenly, Victoria’s Secret was off-limits and I found myself walking on past to JCPenney’s for some cotton underwear, three to a pack. Hmm, those plain white cotton bras matched, so I bought some of those too. At night, a roomy scraggly matronly nightgown replaced the slinky chemise. Finding sexy plus size lingerie at that time just wasn’t a reality.

I don’t know how this happened to me, but I think it was a combination of sinking self-confidence, lower self-esteem and the lack of great stores offering selections of sexy plus size lingerie. Seriously, there was none to be found anywhere, except for a small corner at Lane Bryant – hardly a replacement for Victoria’s Secret.

I guess I had decided in the realms of my subconscious that because no one offered sexy plus size lingerie, perhaps I wasn’t meant to wear it.

Over the years, I have struggled with my weight, but the greater and more important struggle has been the one over my “size” esteem. As I gained greater confidence in myself as more than just a size, I started to go on the prowl for sexy plus size lingerie… and amazingly, some great stores offering amazing and sexy plus size lingerie began to appear all over the place, especially online.

Now we lucky larger ladies have so much to choose from. Sexy plus size lingerie abounds online, and I’ve had the time of my life sampling all the stores… not to mention my guy has been having the time of his life as well. You can find sexy plus size lingerie babydolls, nighties, gowns, bras, panties, costumes, garters, body stockings, bras, bridal lingerie, camisole sets, corsets, dresses, skirts, “fantasy hair”, garter belts, gowns and peignoirs, hosiery, leather, and thongs. Many famous lingerie stores now offer sexy plus size lingerie sections which are really impressive. Also, the standard plus size clothing stores have expanded their lines to include much need sexy plus size lingerie.