Buying a Corset Online

First of all, real corset skirts sets are made to fit specific measurements of each body. These measurements can be based off general figures for waist, hips, bust, etc… But bear in mind, most corsets should not come in a simple size S, M, and L. If you are looking at corsets online and they are only offered in this manner, they may not be the sturdy material you are looking for. Some pre-made corsets are also available, but these are more attuned to your waist measurement.

To find the best places online, it is helpful to search for sites that will make authentic corsets to your specific measurements. If you don’t know your measurements, that is ok. If you are not available locally to come in for a fitting, many online stores which custom make corsets provide a guide that will walk you through the measurement process and give you the best estimate for your custom made corset. If you are looking to ordering a pre-made corset, take your waist size and deduct about three inches to find the right size. If this is your first corset, or you are unfamiliar with them, this process makes it easy for you to get the best fit.

If you are looking to order a real corset that is custom made, be sure to provide ample time for the product to be prepared and sent to you. That process can take about four to six weeks to complete depending on where you live in relation to the actual place of business. If you are merely searching for a pre-made corset, then the time frame will not be as long.

Most people, when ordering online, are hesitant about the packaging being discreet. Many online businesses will make a note on their website that their packaging is just that: discreet. It will not contain the words ‘lingerie’ or ‘naughty gifts’ all over the box. Often, good online provides you with a simple brown box that has the name of the manufacturer and your shipping label.


What can you buy during tax-free weekend?

Each year, beginning on the first Friday of August, the state eliminates all sales and user taxes on dozens of items. The exemptions include local sales taxes.

The tax-free weekend helps parents and students save money as they gear up for another school year. But not everything is tax free. Here’s a look at some of the items you can purchase without paying the sales tax — and some items that will still be taxed.If you’ve been waiting to buy a laptop or desktop computer, you’ll be in luck on tax-free weekend. No sales tax will be charged on your new MacBook, Dell Inspiron or other brands.

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Towels or paper towels: Waiting to stock up on paper towels won’t allow you to avoid sales taxes. But if you want a beach towel for one last summer weekend on the coast, you’re in luck.

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Adult diapers or toilet paper: There’s no sales-tax exemption for toilet paper on tax-free weekend. But those who use adult diapers will avoid the tax.

Following Corset Patterns – What Is A Waist Tape?

Firstly I’d like to start by pointing out that a waist band or ‘tape’ is not a necessary corset component; many corset patterns are designed without and this is perfectly acceptable, especially in historic corsets and bodice patterns. A waist tape will however provide added strength to the waist area of the corset pattern which is the part of the garment that takes the most strain when worn. This added strength will often give the waist a more dramatic curve as the tape prevents any stretching of the fabric.

On a corset pattern the waist should be marked, if not the waist band needs to run along the smallest part of the corset, through the narrowest point of each pattern piece. Your waist tape should be made of petersham ribbon, this is a strong unstretchable ribbon and you can tell you have the right stuff from the distinctive ridges on running along the edges. If you look closely you’ll see it’s made from one thick thread that runs back and forth across the width leaving ridges at the edges where it turns back on itself.

You should sew in your petersham tape between the layers attaching it to the coutil or other lining fabric. Sometimes when using a thin outer fabric the waist tape is attached on the inside of the corset so it lays against the skin when worn. This is so it doesn’t show through the outer fabric as a bulge.

When you sew on your waist tape make sure to attach it before the bone casing, bone casing has to go on over the top. If you sewed them on the other way round you would be sewing through the casing to attach your waist tape and would not be able to insert your bones. It’s a mistake you only make the once! This also means you won’t be able to use the seam allowance as bone casing so if you plan to do this you’ll have to leave out the waist tape altogether. As mentioned above 18th century corset and bodice patterns didn’t have waist tapes.


Plus Size Corsets For Real Women

Ask any man, I know I have, and they’ll tell you they love women with a bit of meat on their bones and curves where they’re supposed to be. What they’re describing are real women. There’s a fashion style to suit every body type and shape but none more so than the corset.

The corset really does suit everyone especially larger women because it pulls in the waist, flattens the tummy, accentuates the breasts and looks really really flattering. If you have never worn a corset before you’ll be amazed at how sexy they make you look and feel. When you look good, you feel good.

Larger curvier women throughout the ages have always worn corsets. In fact corsets were designed for the larger woman in mind originally because they make fuller figures look curvaceous and sexy. Today there are so many styles to choose from. Corsets can be worn with jeans or a skirt with a jacket over that for a sexy casual look. Corsets also look great worn over a long sleeved shirt.

There’s nowhere better to wear a corset than in the bedroom of course and what an impact you will have when your man sees you in one.

The only problem us real women will have is choosing which one. There are so many materials such as leather, satin, lace, pvc, tapestry and the list goes on and on. There is something a bit naughty and raunchy and then there is something very sexy and feminine as well as just plain beautiful. There are even great corset costumes for fancy dress. One thing is for sure about plus size corsets, you will find something you love and once you do corsets will be a regular part of your wardrobe because real women look sensational in corsets.


Slimming Corset for All Women

All of your deepest desires are to have the perfect hourglass figure. But no matter how much hard you work out; those very little extra pounds don’t seem to go at all. Well, you have an option that will be very helpful for all those problems. A simple corset is the solution. The corset holds your body tight in the torso and it will make your hips look smaller and your busts look firmer. These come in soft washable materials so that they are very comfortable to wear.

These corsets just make you look much more attractive than you already are. One thing about a corset is that they can actually make you slim. This is because constant use of these corsets will reduce your waist to a considerable level. So eventually in time your waist will reduce almost an inch. These corsets can make your evening gowns look really beautiful and stunning. With your hourglass figure you will surely be the most beautiful girl of the party, all thanks to the corset that lies behind the evening gown.

These corsets are available in all shapes and sizes. Generally, while choosing corsets it would be better to choose beige or white, which will be perfect inside your dress and will not seem any different from your dress. These corsets are available in soft as well has sexy materials. The most comfortable type of corset is the cotton lace type corset, this can be worn in any weather, warm or cold it will still be comfortable. Corsets are not only for evening gowns but are also for chemises which require a perfect figure. Black net corset is also very popular in the market. These corsets can be bought online also with lots of discounts and other offers.


Corsets are a main stay of many people’s wardrobe. However, they are sometimes difficult to find in traditional stores since they are no longer widely worn.

Sure, they’ve enjoyed a sort of main stream comeback with women wearing them as part of a fashionable ensemble. Some women love them because a great corset makes them feel gorgeous, and dare I say it, sexy. They wear them as both under wear and outer garments. Although contemporary corsets offer structure, many are not as restrictive as they were historically. The form of these garments depends on their intended use.

Women are not the only ones who wear these structuring undergarments. Men who wear these undergarments will choose to do so for some of the same reasons as women. Many men also like to wear them because they feel that corsets are erotic and some even claim to wear them for spiritual reasons.

Even though men still wear these garments, the traditional market for these articles of clothing heavily focuses on the female population. The internet has many places where men can shop for corsets that fit their tastes.

Keeping these points in mind can help you with purchasing a garment to help you meet your corset needs. Don’t be shy. When you are not sure, ask the corset maker or your salesperson as many questions as necessary to help you find just what you’ve been looking for.

Plus Size Corset

If you are a larger size, you don’t have to worry or feel inferior. You can be as desirable as a smaller-sized woman, and you have as much a right to look your sensual best. Curves are in, and most fashion designers are including larger sizes in their line of clothing. No longer does an oversized woman have to look drab in clothes that are ill fitted and out of fashion. The latest trends in fashion are available in all sizes. This includes the new fashion rage -corsets.

Larger women look and feel great in a corset. In the Victorian and Edwardian era, corsets were designed to make women appear slimmer, so a plus size women will look fabulous in a corset that will enhance her curves and modify her body.

Check your local lingerie shop or search the Internet. You can expect to find hundreds of plus size corsets and bustiers in satin, velvet, leather and brocade. Learn to love the curves you have always longed to shed. Invest in a custom made unique one-of-a kind corset that you have fantasized about.

Be aware that when wearing a corset, your torso will be more constricted than usual. Your breathing will be somewhat shallower as well. Avoid stenuous exercise while wearing a corset. There is a reason they had fainting couches in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. If a woman got too stressed out, the corset’s constricting force would cut off the oxygen! So if you wear a corset from time to time, tell you doctor so that he or she may be aware of it.

Steel Boned Corsets

Corsets are versatile garments and are suitable for a variety of special occasions. It can be worn as bridal wear, eveningwear, club wear and for many other events. They are still in fashion because they make the wearer look chic and extremely feminine. They also provide good support to the back.

There are different styles of corsets available. A steel boned corset is a good investment and can give a shapely and aesthetic figure. Bones, also known as stays, are one of the rigid parts of a corset that forms the frame of the garment. It makes it sturdy and helps to shape the wearer’s body. Originally, whalebone was used in corsets because of its flexibility and strength. Because whalebones are expensive, today corsets are designed using plastic or steel boning. Most high quality corsets are used with steel boning.

Steel boned corsets can also be individually handcrafted to suit specific measurements. A well-made steel boned corset is more durable and lasts much longer than a readymade one. Corsets are boned with steel bones that are pre-curved to give the wearer a good fit and figure. Steel boned corsets also help shorten the breaking in time for a corset. When steel stays are given at the back, it renders extra firmness and support. It also promotes proper posture preventing undue stress on the spine.

Many corsets used plastic boning and even cane and wood, but steel boning offers a great deal of flexibility while retaining the corset’s original shape.


Corsets For Every Body Type

The corset skirts sets has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years. Their functional sexuality creates a desirable hourglass figure. These body shaping undergarments draw attention to the waist, bust and hips, no matter what your body shape. However, the shape of your body can be enhanced positively with the correct style of corset. Here is a list of different body shapes and the corsets that will flatter them best.

FULL FIGURED PETITE – Short and curvy women benefit from corsets that cinch the waist and accentuate the chest and hips. Pair your corset with dark denim or a pencil skirt to elongate your body. Stay away from shorts and mini skirts when wearing a corset as it will make you look top heavy.

HOURGLASS – Your bust and hips are symmetrical with a well defined waist and curves. Marilyn Monroe is the classic hourglass figure. Like the Straight body, the Hourglass can wear any style of corset. Just make sure that you measure your bust correctly and find the corset that fits your chest. You do not want to fall out of your corset on accident, unless you “really” meant to.

TALL AND THIN – Sleek and lean women typically have longer torso, a small chest and average hips. Long boned corsets are best to accommodate this. It will define your waist and give your bust a boost as well. You can also wear an underbust corset over a blouse for a romantic look. Stay away from dropped waist corsets as it will only lengthen your already long torso.

STRAIGHT – This is the most common body shape of women. “Straight” means that your hips and bust are proportionate to each other, your waist is small and you have subtle curves. This shape can wear any style of corset. Define your waist with a corset that accentuates the bust as it gives the look of a smaller waistline.





Adorning the Beautiful Burlesque Corset

A quality corset will embellish your burlesque look and image, it is definitely going to be a must have purchase, but before doing so it is imperative to consider what style and make you need to go for. Corsets are definitely a girl’s best friend as they encourage a figure within the highly sought after silhouette of an ‘hourglass’.

The type of corset you select needs to best partner with your particular frame and body type. You must also ensure that all the elements of your height, waist circumference, top and full hip measurements, weight and torso length are taken fully into the equation to ensure a burlesque corset fits you comfortably, safely and enticingly.

Corsets are designed to be worn under the clothes and it takes time for the waist to become accustomed to the design and shape of the corset. This method is referred to as ‘waist training’, which should be done slowly to accustom the body safely to wearing a corset, without damaging health. Ideally a corset should be purchased a little bigger than your actual waist size, so in this instance it’s important to be truthful with the tape measure.

Ensure you buy a 4 to 6 inch larger size than you need to help you later close the corset safely over your figure without any resulting struggles or painful experiences. Those ladies who have a larger figure will benefit from gaining more support from a corset which is fully steel-boned, these are likely to be more expensive, but offer more comfort and flexibility.

Before you put on a burlesque ensemble of clothing and accessories, it is definitely best to put your shoes on before you slip into the desired corset, which don’t worry, is not a particularly graceful exercise for many! If you know your body is going to be soon squeezed into the waist pulling magnificence of corset adornment, then be sure to avoid bloating or fatty foods immediately before you wear it, alongside any fizzy drinks or alcohol which may cause some embarrassing windy side effects when a corset is being worn!