Victorian women wore “convertible skirts” so they could ride without abuse, academic discovery

A university scholar has discovered that Victorian women invented the “open-skirt” with the secretive pulley mechanism that allows them to ride freely. Although nineteenth-century bicycles are popular among women of the upper middle class, restrictive corset skirts sets and dresses mean that the bike can be dangerous. Long skirts and dresses are common on bicycle […]

Spring – Highlights of the summer corset style to eliminate the beauty of women from the abdomen

The corset has already prevented women from being troubled by squeezing the waist. The following variations of the corset will give you a new look. The corset or abdomen suit began to appear in medieval times, proud history, bodice corset has never lost the original luxury and elegance. For thousands of years, modern corsets have […]

When she was out in Paris, Kendall Jenna attracted her attention to the slender body in her black corset skirts sets

Paris Fashion Week may have ended, but Kendall Jenner returned to the French capital on Tuesday afternoon. When she left her hotel and greeted bystanders shortly after she came to France from the United States, her model was very excited. The 22-year-old Kendall used a unique corset skirts sets  on a simple yellow T-shirt to […]